Welcome to my little corner of the net.  I store pictures, teaching files and a few manifesti here. I like having this stuff out there were I can get to it from any computer, so if my computer crashes or I lose my phone, I can still get to the things I need. There's also a lot of content about what makes me me. Maybe I've hurt your feelings and your digging for some dirt on me; it's all here. There's nothing to hide. If on the other hand I have at long last acquired a stalker, well, it's your lucky day! You just hit pay dirt!  Please feel free to look around and see what you like. I also have a Facebook page. I'm not a good Twitterer. Once-upon-a-time I had a MySpace page.... ah yes and even a geocities account! Truth be told, though, this is just my electronic storage locker. Enter at your own risk.  You can E mail me @ doctorwolfie at
About me We are living in a material world; are you a material girl? Here's what I teach. Mi famiglia Wanna have some fun? Wanna see my doggies? Love Death Where in the hell are we going? Taking care of folks What can we accomplish together? What do you beleive in?